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One of the biggest concerns for denture patients is having to appear in public without their teeth. This fear may even prevent some people from seeking out dentures in the first place. To ease your stress, M&I Denture and Implant Clinic offers same-day immediate dentures in Waterloo, Cambridge and Kitchener so you're never without teeth.

Immediate dentures, also called transitional or temporary dentures, are fabricated before your teeth are extracted and placed immediately after your procedure. Your gums and jawbone need time to heal before a final prosthetic is inserted, and immediate dentures allow for this to happen and also help protect the injured tissue. Please keep in mind that your gums, which are responsible for supporting your dentures, will shrink as they heal. Additionally, your immediate denture won't be custom fit since they were made before your teeth were removed. You will need to visit your denturist several times for adjustments during your recovery.


If you don't wear immediate dentures, you'll have to learn to eat and speak without teeth while you wait for your dentures. Then, after you receive your new prosthetic, you'll have to learn these things all over again! Immediate dentures give you a head start on this adjustment period, which may take several months. Having immediate dentures will also reduce facial distortion that commonly occurs after a tooth extraction and help your denturist make your final prosthesis to your specifications.

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immediate dentures
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